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NH4 Motorheads Product Warranty Details: All NH4 Motorheads Products are tested before it's shipped, hence there will be no such issues with anyone of our products. Instances such as accidents or didnot mount the bags properly on the motorcycle which in turn damaged the fabric doesn't cover any warranty. If it's possible to repair, additional cost to be paid by the customers. 

Here are the details for the customers to know the warranty of products as manufactured by NH4 Motorheads:

1.     Warranty covers only manufacturing defects and does not cover the damage caused by misuse of the product.

2.     If the product is under warranty and a faulty product, it will be repaired and if it’s not repairable it may be replaced.

3.     Warranty doesn’t cover ripped material, torn stitching or damaged zipper coils that are the result of puncture by sharp edged tools or other sharp objects.

4.     Warranty doesn’t cover damaged materials due to excessive heat/fire or prolonged exposure to water.

5.     Charges are to be borne by customers if the product is out of warranty.

6.     Transportation charges are applicable if the product is out of warranty.

7.     If a customer has bought the product from our dealer anywhere in India, while registering a complaint, please provide the dealer invoice numbers. If the customer is the second owner of the product, warranty doesn’t cover.

8.     If the product is out of warranty, repair can be possible depending on the condition of the product. This will incur additional repairing charges. Transportation is to be borne by the customers.

NH4 Motorheads stands behind all of its manufactured products and provides a fair warranty claim process.  If the customer is unhappy with the warranty process, do reach us directly at [email protected]

Other Seller’s Product Warranty Details:

1.     If the seller provides warranty, then the customers can contact the seller directly.

2.     NH4 Motorheads checks every products before shipping, however if there are any issues with the product within warranty period, customers are requested to contact the seller/distributors directly.

3.     NH4 Motorheads is a market place and cannot guarantee on any products which are not manufactured by NH4 Motorheads. 

4.     If products are damaged during shipment, customers are requested to report NH4 Motorheads within 2 business days after the delivery of the product along with the photographs of the product. Beyond 2 days, if it’s not reported, NH4 Motorheads will not be able to replace the product.

5.     If the seller cannot repair the product it may be replaced if it’s under warranty by the seller. 

Note: It’s always better to check the warranty of each product before purchasing at NH4 Motorheads e-commerce portal.  Products without warranty cannot be claimed if it malfunctions after using it for some time.